Why You Need Organization In Your Creative Practice

Have you ever thought about how organization impacts your writing? My dear friend Monica, Professional Home Organizer and Clutter Coach, asked me all about creativity + organization for her IG TV series “Calm Little Corner.” 

We talked about how organization both in a physical-desk-sense and metaphorical-though-sense plays a huge role in your creative process. For me, I need both a tidy desk and a calm mind, otherwise I begin frantically writing on post-its and scribbling ideas everywhere and SOMETHING always gets lost.

Another important point we touched upon was how to organize our time, which may be something you haven’t thought about, but it is so important. When we set aside time for creativity and guard it, we allow ourselves to deepen the “creative muscle” and explore in ways that we may not have thought we could create. For example, as a hobby to help me unplug from my phone, I started making goofy embroideries.

And the non-screen, very tactile time helped me slow my brain down enough that I can brainstorm story ideas much more quickly. Most importantly, I enjoy it.

You may not realize it, but all of these factors of organization can make or break your writing. Creatives get labeled as messy, chaotic, and often disorganized people, but I prefer the term “organized chaos” because we need a little bit of organization in our practice! 

How do you organize your desk, your writing files, your mind, and your time? I’d love to know. 

If you want to set aside some time to write, come to one of my writing sprints! They’re 1.5 hours long and in my unbiased opinion VERY fun.