Do You Think Starting Over Will Change Things?

Do you ever wish you could start fresh? Especially with your writing?

Sometimes a blank page is more hopeful than a completed one…because the possibilities are endless. But, a blank page can be just as daunting, because there are so many, maybe too many, possibilities

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to write perfectly, you don’t have to pick the perfect idea. Not everything we write is going to be good. 

Not everything we write is going to be good and that’s a good thing.

Because creativity isn’t about “getting it right” or “making something perfect.” Creativity is about exploration and expression and all you need to do when you write is let yourself write. 

Remind yourself: There are no rules. There is no such thing as a perfect writer so you never have to worry about writing something perfectly ever again. 

If perfection wasn’t the issue…there are still no rules. You don’t have to be funny or clever or the next great novelist. Writing isn’t for the audience, it’s for the writer. So let yourself write. 

You don’t need a fresh start. You just need to start. 

Take the pressure off. You’ve got this.

And if you want a safe space to explore the emotions of writing or the feelings as you revise the text, come to me. Join a writing sprint, where we write in companionable silence and I share some goofy joke at the beginning or end of the session. Or work with me one-on-one. I’m here for you. I’ll be your Gandolf. With fewer trolls.