You Don’t Need Permission to Write

You don’t need permission to write. As someone who is a people-pleaser to a fault, I am 100% qualified to tell you this:

You do not need permission to write.

And if you kind of feel like you do, I get you, and here it is:

You are allowed to write. You are allowed to write whatever you want, whatever you need.

Though disclaimer, if your writing intent is to hurt someone else with your words, I don’t really support that and implore you to rethink your strategy of confronting an issue.

Anywho, I will remind you, and me, and all of us, that we write because we have to. We write because it’s the only way we can make sense of things sometimes. One time someone asked me why I liked writing and my answer was “because I can’t not like it.” 

Not my most eloquent but I meant it — we write because we don’t want to do anything else. Or, because nothing else serves us the way writing does.

So, write your heart out. Write until you feel numb. Write for fun. Write to get weird. Write to be bold. 

Just write.