Don’t be Busy. Be still.

I am so busy. I have so much stuff on my plate. And when I cross one thing off my list I add four more.  

Recently, I’ve asked myself “why am I so busy?” 

Because I’m tired. And I bet you are too. 

This whole obsession with productivity that our society has also means we are obsessed with being busy. It’s a badge of honor to be “too busy” to sleep, take care of things, take care of ourselves. We’re eating lunch at our desks, shoving granola bars down our throats during our commutes, we’re barely breathing, we’re rushing around so much. 

Why? I don’t think it makes us richer. It certainly hasn’t helped me pay bills. I end the day frazzled and burnt out and panicked. And you know what comes with that? Stress. And aging. And not finished novels. 

I’ve been babysitting my friend’s son for her this month, for a few afternoons here and there. When I’m with this sweet two and a half year old, I can’t be busy. I have to be present. 

And while I stress here and there about what I’m not getting done, what I really feel when I’m with this tot is calm. Because I’m not trying to do ten things at once. I’m not trying to finish a novel and think about how it will sell at the same time. I’m coloring and drawing cats. I’m singing silly songs I’ve made up to make him laugh. I’m building with blocks. I’m looking for airplanes in the sky.

And you know what has happened?

I found new creative ideas I want to explore. I thought of some product designs I’d love to make and bring to you all. I thought of a fun short story Idea. I came up with some great prompts for my sprints. 

So, if you’re feeling blocked, trapped, or stuck, try turning down the volume. Unplug the electronics. Be. Less. Busy.

Let your imagination rest and breathe.