Writing Practice Goals

Where do you want your writing practice to be in five months?

What will your writing practice look like by next year? I think it’s important to have both project goals and process goals. 

Some writers swear by writing daily. I swear by consistency. And one way to get to consistent consistency (ha!) is by practicing. 

Some goals for your writing practice:

  1. Pick an amount of time you’d like to spend writing each week ( An hour a day, 15 minutes every morning, two hours every Sunday…it doesn’t matter the amount it matters that it’s sustainable and attainable for YOU)

    1. Calendar that and set timers or alarms to protect that time!

  2. Read a book outside of your favorite genre. Take note of what you like and dislike. Try incorporating some of what you liked into your writing as an exercise.

  3. Choose FUN. What do you WANT to write about at that moment? Do that. 

As always, there are no rules when it comes to your writing practice. And if you ever need help, want encouragement, or have questions, message me! I’m here to help.