Top Tools for Writers

Every writer writes differently, but we all need tools to help us no matter our process. Here are five tools to help with writing, and some of them may surprise you.

  1. Sleep!

  2. Noise Canceling Headphones

  3. Timer

  4. Blank Notebook

  5. Favorite book

Do any of these surprise you? 

#1 may surprise you. I was chatting with one of my clients recently who, on top of their full-time job, was working on a series of interviews and essays at a fast clip. I edit the pieces for my client once they’re written, and it was clear to me that this jam-packed schedule on top of a recent re-location (and the pandemic and all the things happening everywhere) left my client in need of a break. I gently suggested that their self-imposed deadline could be adjusted. 

They took me up on the recommendation, PIVOTed their plans for the weekly posts on their website, and came back to me much more rested and refreshed. 

Friends, sleep is our #1 tool in fostering creativity. If we are exhausted, brain-fried, and overwhelmed, we cannot create. We shut down. If you think “I just need to work harder” that is a surefire sign that you need to take a break. And I promise you, I PROMISE, that the ideas you have, the words you have, they will not disappear if you rest. 

There’s a reason why writers take breaks after finishing novels or memoirs before diving into revisions. And there’s a reason why rest is so important…it lets your brain re-charge. You come back ready to work, hopeful and excited about the potential, and filled with brimming energy that will funnel into creativity.

My other favorite tools? Well #2 and #3 help with focus and productivity… #4 is all about the potential ahead of you, and #5, well, we all need inspiration to turn to when we’re feeling stuck.