5 Boundaries You Need To Set For Your Writing

Do you set boundaries for your writing? Did you even know that you could do that? 

So many of us write in whatever spare time we can squeeze in with our chaotic, busy schedules. The hustle and bustle and #hustle culture is real and it hurts our creativity.

Here are my top 5 boundaries  to protect and prioritize my writing:

Schedule time for your writing. 

Put it in your calendar, set an alarm, and let anyone who might interrupt you know that this is not the time to do so.

Don’t talk about your writing (with just anyone)

I wish I had set this boundary sooner. I was so eager to prove that I was “doing something” during the pandemic after I had lost my job, that I told anyone who asked that I was writing a novel. Now, people who may not fully understand the writing process ask me when they can read it, when it will be published, and all of these questions that stress me out because I’m still working on rewriting and revisions! You don’t need to share what you’re writing just because someone else is interested.

Only ask for feedback from people’s opinion you trust

Not everyone is a writer, and not everyone is a reader. You can choose who you share your writing with, especially during the writing process, and you can choose who you ask for feedback from. This goes well with the above boundary #2. 

Make a space for your writing 

Give yourself a dedicated space. Stephen King recommends a room with a door that closes, and I couldn’t agree more. But, if that’s not available to you, you can still find a dedicated chair or table space where you like to write. Consistently sitting in the same spot helps your brain remember “this is our writing space, it’s time to write.”

Say “No” to things so you can say “Yes” to your writing

When you set a writing goal, the only way you can achieve it is to say no to things. When you say yes to something, you have to say no to something else. So, say yes to your writing, but you may have to say no to that coffee with friends if your writing time falls in the morning, etc. Only when you prioritize your writing will it become a habit for you to get it done. Prioritizing your writing also affirms your belief in what you’re doing, and illustrating the importance of your goals.

What boundaries do you set for yourself and your writing?