The Way You Speak To Yourself Matters

How do you speak to yourself while you write?
No, seriously, tell me.

If you’re anything like me, you may tend to be hard on yourself while you write. Maybe you’re setting high expectations and high standards. Or maybe you can’t get yourself out of the “it’s-not-good-enough” spiral while you edit and revise. Either way, these negative thinking patterns can be paralyzing. 

They can become your writer’s block. They’ll consume you, if you let them. 

What to do instead? Try saying to yourself affirmations while you write:

  • I am a writer.

  • My story matters and deserves to be told.

  • It’s just a draft, I will keep typing.

  • I will not worry about what other people are writing. 

  • I will stop trying to write like someone else. Instead, I will write like myself.

  • Writing is a process and a progress and never perfect.

  • I am allowed to take breaks.

  • I am allowed to change my mind about my project.

  • I like this. I like that I get to explore with words.

  • I can fix anything later.

Try this the next time you write. Let me know what you discover!

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