Who Are Your Writing Heroes?

For a long time, I told people who asked about my writing that I wanted to be the “next JK Rowling.” And while I think it’s amazing she was able to turn the deep darkness that haunted her into light that has lifted so many kids, I don’t agree with her choices to publicly make the controversial statements she has made towards the transgender community. So, I’m a little less inspired by her, because I want writing to do good, and when you have a big platform you have big power, and she chose to make statements that harmed a big number of her devoted, loving audience. 

It’s hard to have a writing hero. They say “don’t meet your heroes” because what we forget is that every person we idolize is human. And humans make mistakes, make different choices, and no one can stay on that pedestal forever. 

Maybe instead we can be our own writing heroes. Maybe we can be in awe of how we try to make sense of our thoughts and feelings. Maybe we can be inspired by the fantasy worlds we are building? Writing is a really cool, really hard thing to do. Instead of looking upward, let’s look inward. 

I’m inspired by each of you who chooses to work on a creative project just for fun, just to grow, just to learn. And I’m inspired by myself (woof that feels boastful to type!) because after years of dreaming that I could be someone who pursues writing, I’m pursuing writing. 

How are you going to be your own writing hero? Make a list of all that you’re doing right now, and all that you’ve done. We can’t compare ourselves to others, we are on our own paths. That’s why we can be our own heroes.