Master The Pivot

I almost forgot to write this newsletter because I fell out of my routine. I use block scheduling and it’s amazingly helpful, but I have been traveling and have had a busier-than-usual schedule and the newsletter time just got bumped. 

But that’s ok! Because I am a master of the PIVOT. And even with all the chaos I was able to take a week-long break from Instagram and Social Media which was a really good reason my schedule was a bit different.

So let’s talk about routines and breaks and why you should practice using both for your writing.

 For months and months I wasn’t making time for my own writing and then feeling really terrible about it. But the problem was that every time I sat down to write my brain would flood with ALL the other projects I have going on. I started block scheduling. 

Tuesdays and Fridays are my days to write, and I no longer feel guilty on the days I’m not writing. I schedule all my social media posts a week or two ahead of time, and have 15 minutes a day to poke around the app. 

But, I had to take a week off of all social media to realize HOW MUCH it was sucking out of me. Not only time, but precious, critical, brain processing space, which was another reason I felt so fogged sometimes. I was literally zombie-ing when I thought I was engaging/connecting on social media. 

So I set routines, took breaks, and re-set my routines. It’s all about trial, error, and practice.

So here’s the plan for your writing practice this week:

  • Pick two days you can write for at least 45 minutes

  • Let your brain take breaks from thinking about your writing on other days.

  • Also, think about where you might be zombie-scrolling and use that time to take a break from your phone or computer and just sit. And breathe.

Let me know how you feel after you try it for a week or two!