Work at Slow Writing

One thing I find infuriating about writing is how long it takes to be good.

And in today’s day, we are not set to work at slow. Our pace is usually at 100mph+, and we’re focusing on three things at once. 

No wonder our creativity, our energy levels, and our moods take a hit. And no wonder imposter syndrome and writer’s block hits us.

We’ve forgotten that to get our writing to where we want it to be we have to be patient. We have to work slowly, and let the progress unfold slowly. 

So what can you do when you feel this way? Acknowledge it. 

Make a list of the accomplishments you’ve made with your writing (no matter how small they seem to you) because it’s important to look back and see the growth.

Finally, think of your favorite author and look up one of the earliest things they wrote and compare it to the most recent. You will see drastic differences. Because we are always evolving, no matter how good we might already be.

Work on slow. Slow is good. 

You’ve got this.