Why Storytelling Is SO Important

Storytelling is important because it is the way we understand ourselves and the world around us. From the age of dawn humans have navigated through life by sharing their stories and experiences to protect their families, their livelihoods, their cultures, their legacies. 

Writing your story will help you understand yourself in a new way, it will help you discover information, thoughts, and feelings about yourself and your situation that you didn’t know existed. Storytelling helps us all connect to one another when we’ve lived through tragedies, through triumphs, and whether we have lived similar lives or completely different ones, storytelling helps us find that connective thread. 

The world is heavy right now. We’ve spent two full years in survival mode trying to understand the covid-19 virus and our fellow humans. Now we have another global crisis, and what is happening in Ukraine is hard to comprehend. I won’t begin to offer any advice, solutions, or even knowledge because I myself am just trying to listen and learn. 

What I want you all to think about now is this: your story matters and deserves to be told. If you think “ oh, other people have xyz” just think about who else might read your story and say “wow, I feel seen.”

Word can divide us, but they can connect us. They can strengthen us. They can provide for us, encourage us, and heal us. 

So put your phone back down, you don’t need to watch that tiktok or respond to that email just yet. Write for 10 minutes about something on your heart instead.