You Don’t Have To Write Alone

You can’t create alone.

Well, you can, but it’s really hard if you’re alone the whole time, forever. 

I wrote my novel in 2020…It stemmed from an idea I had back in grad school, where I wrote the first few chapters for a class and then that was it. 

Except, it wasn’t. Because it was a story I wanted and needed to tell. So when I sat down to write in 2020…I worked on a different story. 

And got stuck over and over again. I was really discouraged, and really defeated. Until my then-therapist asked me why I thought I was so stuck. And I told her I didn’t want to work on that story. I wanted to work on this one. 

And with that simple clarity, I started working on my current novel. Which I cranked out in three months (first drafts are slippery like that, often quick and mostly messy).

Fast forward to 2022 and I’m working on revising (aka rewriting) my novel. And it is hard. And I am not doing it alone. 

I have a friend who is also working on her own novel, so we swapped manuscripts, and now we talk almost every day about our novels and their progress. It is supremely helpful to me that she knows my characters, and knows my intention, so when I’m pitching scene ideas she will tell me “your character wouldn’t do that” or “I think this needs more tension.”

When we write, we are so close to our work. It’s impossible to get everything from our brains onto paper by ourselves. That’s why we thrive in community. That’s why I started my business as a writing coach in the first place!

So, if you’re at any point of the writing process and feeling stuck. You might need a buddy. A friend, a writer’s group, or maybe a writing coach. 

That’s where I come in – I’m here to remind you that 1) you don’t have to do this alone and 2) I’m here to help! I offer weekly sprints on Thursday nights that are small-group and very casual. I offer 1:1 hands on writing coaching, I have an accountability program if you just need someone to keep tabs on you and have that obligation to, and I also offer editing services. 

Whatever your needs are as a writer, I want to help. Email me and let’s chat!

Good luck with your writing, you can do it