Done is Better Than Perfect (and the room might still spin)

I might have vertigo. 

By the time you read this, I hope it is gone. But, if you come to my writing sprints you know that I write my weekly newsletters every Thursday evening, so right now, on June 2 at 6:32 pm, I am barely keeping my eyes straight thanks to this motion-sickness I may or may not have. 

It all started a week or so ago when I noticed a dizzy feeling when I turned my head too suddenly or looked a certain direction out of my eyeballs. 

Then on Monday I drove home from visiting my mom and thought, “hmm, my brain’s not quite right.”

On Tuesday, I could barely sit up, was so sensitive to light and sound, and spend most of the day laying flat on my back (no pillow!) with my eyes closed and shut in complete darkness of my room. 

On Wednesday my head felt slightly better but still, I was so dizzy. After talking to a tele-doc, which is its own story for another day, it was determined I probably have vertigo. 

I’m 31! Fairly healthy! And I’m a Writer! Who sits upright and looks at screens all day! And I am building a business! And I need to be upright and looking at screens to do that!

Needless to say, it has been a very un-fun and panic-filled week. 

So what can we do when we can’t write? We remember that 2) done is better than perfect. Which is why you’re getting this rambling little essay about how I am human and I am struggling a bit right now. 

And 2) we rest. We use this time to think about our stories, or our dreams, or nothing, if that’s all our brains can handle. 

So here’s your reminder to rest if you need it, that done really is better than perfect, and while that draft won’t write itself, you don’t need to torture yourself over it, either. 

Happy writing and be well.