Writing In A Flow State

Have you ever started writing and just landed on your flow? That flow “state” where you put your head down, type, and all of a sudden an hour or more has passed? 

That’s the very best feeling. But it’s highly unusual that you’d get into your flow state every time you sit down to write. The thing about writing, is that it is more about discipline than motivation. Because if you wait until you’re really motivated, or your in that flow state, chances are you will be waiting a loooong time. 

My writing teacher shared this quote with me five years ago and it has stuck with me. 

“When there is no wind for your sails, you can row.”

It’s a famous quote, I know, and there are variations of it, so I am sorry not to attribute it to anyone specifically. 

The point is that you may not feel like writing on a particular day, you may not get into your “groove” but that’s OK—you can still work at your story, you can still sit down and make space for the process and the practice of your writing. 

So, if you’ve got no wind in your sails today, find your oars and row.