Why aren’t you writing that book?

Either you’ve always wanted to write a book or you’re slowly warming to the idea. Either way, there are a few reasons why people want to write books , and all reasons are valid.

Here are 3 reasons I often hear:

1. You want to challenge yourself creatively.

2. You are an expert in your field and you want to share your knowledge.

3. You have a story to tell and you’re ready to tell it.

If you’ve nodded your head in agreement with any of these three, what’s keeping you from starting? Or finishing?

Wanting to write is one thing, sitting and showing up for your writing is another. If you struggle to make time for your writing, or have something holding you back. Let’s chat! I can help you break through those blocks. Schedule a complimentary call with me to figure out how to get you moving forward.

A great way to show up for your writing is to schedule it—that’s why I love routines so much and why my weekly writing sprints work so well. I’ve had several people start projects and finish them in less than a year after consistently showing up to sprints each week. The next sprint is August 18th and I’d love to see you!