When to Say When – Summer Edition

When we were kids, summer was so easy. Remember that? Our biggest worries were about who would be our friend at camp or if Mom got the good snacks. I used to love summer. Now, it’s just a hot few months where the days are longer and I’m thinking about too many things at once. 

Writing is like that — seasonal, sometimes too hot in a bad way, and sometimes with too many thoughts bouncing around. There is a rhythm to life that we sometimes lose, either because we’re pushing ourselves too hard, stuck in that “productivity” cycle or because we’re working on the wrong thing. 

When we were kids in the summer, we’d play so hard we’d pass out after the pool or after camp. We didn’t know when to say when, because we wanted to soak up all the fun. As adults, it’s easy for us to do the same thing, though it’s not always fun that we’re diving into. 

So, if you’re feeling stuck with your writing, ask yourself this:

  1. Why do I have to do this now? What’s my urgency?

    1. There is no wrong answer! But answering may help you find some clarity and prioritize or de-prioritize accordingly

  2. Is this what I want to be working on right now?

    1. It’s ok to say yes, and it’s ok to say no. You are allowed to shelve projects for the future or let them go all together. 

How does that feel? As summer winds down this month we’ll be focusing more on getting unstuck so we can feel ready for fall.